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Our story

Established in 1999, Dalksna completely changed its face in 2013. Since then we strive to make a difference in what people eat. Globally. We look for and then deliver the taste and nutritional qualities of fresh product in the form of freeze dried food from their origin country. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, we are growing as a global company without borders. And we know that our range of products has no competition because we found the way how to create snacks that are delicious and healthy at the same time.

Our Strategy

To deliver full range of healthy products with the best taste at the peak of ripeness and flavor in their place of origin. Ranchers is a lifestyle.

Our mission

We believe that every product has to be grown in its natural environment, not on its way to the store.

Why Ranchers

Our fruits have amazing taste because we select them carefully, tasting thousands of examples around the globe. There are no seasons for us and it’s not only our job - it’s our passion. We can assure you, if you’re buying Ranchers, you are buying the best!

Our Journey

We believe there will be amazing adventures as we go. Instagram every story with Ranchers on the trip and we won’t forget you.